Kilimanjaro Top Guides was founded by team of Mount Kilimanjaro guides, who chiseled their experience by working for other outfitters since 2003, before teaming up and started their own company.

All this time that we spent working for others gave us opportunity to learn and understand all the aspects of organizing and leading small and larger groups of climbers to the Rooftop of Africa. We were able to absorb the true meaning of careful planning and advantages of using proper equipment while upholding the safety and security of our clients.

Our team consists of experienced and highly trained guides, cooks and porters, who will make sure that you and your group receive the best possible service while you are on the mountain. To us, you and your well being is the top priority, and we’ll do our absolute best to bring you down safely from Kilimanjaro.

Since you cannot reach Kilimanjaro Summit without guides, Kilimanjaro Top Guides is your right choose. Our guides are among the best on the  mountain, and they have all completed the High Altitude responding  course, and we organize regular annual training sessions for the new recruited guides.

Being totally aware that taking care of our team is equally important, we look after our guides and porters, by giving them fair wages and proper treatment during the trekking expeditions.

It does not matter if you have not climbed any mountain before Kilimanjaro, we will do all humanly possible to ensure your  success.

We can organize Kilimanjaro expeditions that can start on any day of the week, just make sure that you make your booking on time (at least 30 days ahead).